Video Security Virtual Summit 2022 Panel Session Video: Pinpointing and Shutting Down Sports Piracy

Live sports content continues to be the most desirable for pirates to steal. At the Video Security Summit organised and led by Steven Hawley (Managing Director at Piracy Monitor), Friend MTS’s John Ward (Executive Vice President Americas) and Andrew Pope (Senior Solutions Architect) discussed how sports leagues pinpoint and shut down piracy in real time.

Watch the session to find out

  • who the responsibility for protecting valuable sports content lies with;
  • what holes in the distribution chain pirates exploit to steal the content;
  • what the financial consequences of piracy are and what can be done to measure and mitigate them.

Most importantly, John and Andrew talk about the concrete steps that companies can take to assess the effectiveness of security measures that are currently in place and what it takes to implement any missing components to ensure the valuable live sports content is fully protected end-to-end and piracy is disrupted in real time before content theft has had a big impact on the bottom line of content owners, rights holders and platform operators.

(24 min)

Boasting a wide global network of best-in-class technology partners, Friend MTS effectively secures live sports [...]

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