Acceptable Use Policy


1. Introduction


This policy is not contractual and may be amended by Friend MTS Limited (Friend MTS or the Company) at any time. The Company reserves the right to modify or adapt the contents of this policy.

• This policy applies to all users of Friend MTS equipment and systems and provides guidelines and rules for what is considered acceptable use. The term ‘users’ is used to cover all types of people, including those who visit its website, those who provide services to or obtain services from Friend MTS and who engage with its systems and processes, this includes staff (employees as well as any contractors) and 3rd parties, such as website visitors, suppliers and customers, using Friend MTS resources.

• This policy is intended to make users aware of their responsibilities and not to behave in a way that could damage the Company or result in it breaching any laws. In addition, with regard to the Company’s staff, it is there to ensure that they do not use Company resources for anything that would not be defined as reasonable use.

• Friend MTS monitors the use of its systems to confirm acceptable use and to investigate any suspected misuse. Users should not have expectations of complete privacy in their use of Friend MTS communications systems, although any monitoring will comply with all applicable legislation, in particular UK GDPR. Friend MTS will respect a user’s right to privacy so far as is possible and appropriate in line with its legal obligations. For more details, please see the applicable privacy policy or data protection notice, at for external users or available on the Company’s HR drive for staff.

• For Company staff, failure to comply with any of the requirements of this policy carries the risk of disciplinary action and termination of employment. The company will also report any potentially illegal violations to the authorities where appropriate.

• All staff must be aware of the requirements of the Friend MTS Information Security Policies including this Acceptable Use Policy and sign the acceptance sheet to confirm their understanding and acceptance of their requirements before using Friend MTS provided systems.


The points below are a summary of the principles of acceptable use for Friend MTS staff:

• Access to Friend MTS systems must be approved by an appropriate authority (e.g. line manager).

• All use of Friend MTS systems must be reasonable and appropriate and must comply with this Policy.

• Violation of the provisions of this Policy, either by negligence or by intent, may lead to disciplinary or legal action being taken in line with Friend MTS practice and after evaluating local laws and disciplinary practice.

• Friend MTS reserves the right to restrict or withdraw use of any Friend MTS communication system if it is of the opinion that any use of the systems is being abused, either by negligence or by intent.

• Friend MTS does not accept responsibility for any loss, costs, claims or damages suffered by a user when using Friend MTS communications systems for personal use.

• Friend MTS systems are the Company’s property and are made available to users for business purposes. A certain amount of limited, reasonable and responsible personal use is permitted in accordance with this Policy. Friend MTS will take all necessary steps to protect its assets, its brand and its reputation from abuse.

• All elements of this Policy apply across the Friend MTS group unless it contravenes local legal or regulatory requirements, in which the latter takes precedence.

• By using any Friend MTS system, users accept and agree to abide by the terms of this and all other Friend MTS Policies.

• All users must be aware of the requirements of Friend MTS’ Information Classification Policy.

• Users must store and process all Friend MTS information (whether it be UNMARKED or Minimum, Medium or Maximum Confidentiality) in line with the requirements detailed in the Information Classification Policy.

2. Examples of Unacceptable Use

• Uploading, downloading, or otherwise transmitting commercial software or any copyrighted materials in any way that may be an infringement of copyright or intellectual property rights.

• Taking, disclosing or publicising confidential or proprietary information which includes, but is not limited to: financial information, new business and product ideas, marketing strategies and plans, databases and the information contained therein, customer lists, technical product information, computer software source code and computer/network access codes including business and vendor partner technology details that are not in the public domain.

• Connecting to Friend MTS or its clients’ or suppliers’ networks or services without adhering to the Friend MTS Anti-Virus Policy.

• Misuse or compromise of the Friend MTS brand.

Excessive personal use, to be judged at the discretion of Friends MTS.

• Defamatory, demeaning or disruptive material including use of language that could be judged by Friend MTS as sexual, religious or racial harassment.

• Behaviour considered to be bullying, harassment or victimisation.

• Use that could breach the security of Friend MTS, third party or individual IT systems.

• Creating, circulating or intentionally accessing any material which is inappropriate and/or unacceptable including (but not limited to) that which contains extremist, subversive or terrorist material and/or which does or could cause offence.

• Use that could potentially result in an operational or reputational risk to Friend MTS.

• Running a personal business using Friend MTS’s equipment without agreement with senior management.

• Viewing, changing, or using files, output, or another person’s username for which you do not have explicit authorization.

• Gambling.

• Viewing pornographic material.

• Obtaining or trying to obtain unauthorised access to computer material or performing any unauthorised act in relation to a computer.

• Transferring files on Friend MTS’s systems to personal email addresses or online storage, for example prospect lists, IP or code developed for Friend MTS.

• Installing on Friend MTS’s systems software with crypto mining or ‘backdoor’ or similar features.

• Disabling or circumventing any security or monitoring software.


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