Enforcement and Takedown

Friend MTS provides a number of options for customers looking to take action against infringing services, from automated takedown notices via email to notification services for social platform enforcement services and beyond. Our class-leading automated systems, backed by teams of experts in enforcement practice and technology, have been the enforcement tools of choice for major media, entertainment and sports brands for many years. 

Time is of the essence with live streaming. Stopping unauthorised distribution immediately is the only way to prevent the loss of value for you and your distribution partners. Our platform, channel and content protection technologies enable studios, sports leagues and other content owners to secure their live and video-on-demand content against illegal retransmission. 

Legal enforcement measures and smart takedown tools are utilised in close collaboration with our global network of partners which includes various content hosting platforms and infrastructure vendors. We take down piracy for legitimate content owners and service providers within minutes and shut down illegal redistribution of live sports and entertainment events in real-time.

Friend MTS also provides help and guidance on best practices and legal engagements. If you’re looking for advice or need a better understanding of how enforcement can work best for you, nobody else has our experience and expertise (LINK). Since we assisted with the first real-time dynamic delivery server legislation in the UK in 2017, Friend MTS has helped rights holders and broadcasters around the world navigate the often complex world of content infringement practices and legislation.

Automated Enforcement Processes

Direct “takedown tool”

Friend MTS works with the major video hosting services for the rapid, direct suspension of infringing content published by their users.

Automated sending of takedown notices

Takedown notices are automatically prepared and instantly transmitted to the streaming site operator.

Follow up

Further actions, including escalation to legal action, can be taken to assist in the removal process.


Communication of the enforcement to the infrastructure provider who are supplying services to the pirate service to enable them to deliver video.


Direct collaboration with ISPs to help them identify their users who infringe on content owned by others.

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