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Friend MTS is a leading global provider of platform, channel and content protection services.

From fingerprinting and watermarking to advanced subscriber identification, we offer a full suite of managed services to help Pay-TV operators, rights holders and broadcasters control where their video content flows. We provide protection for live and non-live content across broadcast and OTT.

Platform protection

Our platform protection services quickly, accurately and effectively trace live streaming leaks back to the source so you can identify the infringing subscriber and terminate their connection.

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Channel protection

Our channel protection services are specifically designed to protect broadcasters and channel owners against the unauthorised retransmission of entire channel feeds.

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Content protection

Our content protection services enable studios, sports leagues and other content owners to secure their live and VOD content against illegal retransmission.

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Why Friend MTS?

We ensure your platform, channel or content is secure every step of the way. Our experts will work with you to identify potential security threats and help you shut them down. Simply identifying that your content is being streamed illegally does not necessarily give you the ability to act. Pirates are becoming ever-more sophisticated, using advanced methods to obscure everything from where their web sites are hosted to the infrastructure that they’re using for video delivery. The technology-led services from Friend MTS are designed to address this by swiftly and accurately identifying the full delivery path of your content, so you can take action.

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