Piracy iQ

Measuring streaming piracy consumption

Piracy iQ is a ground-breaking service for measuring streaming piracy consumption over internet service provider (ISP) networks. The service allows content owners, programmers and pay TV providers to assess the impact of piracy on their businesses, and also track the performance of content protection activities.

This illicit content monitoring and IP address capture service streamlines the generation of piracy analytics by enhancing the reporting of third party network flow analysis systems.

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Service highlights

Accurate sizing of piracy

Piracy-iQ allows illicit streaming consumption to be accurately quantified for the first time.

In-depth reporting

By feeding third party big data analytics, Piracy-iQ enables in-depth reporting of piracy consumption patterns.

Performance tracking

Reporting allows the performance of anti-piracy services to be monitored more effectively on an on-going basis.

Proven analytics service

Piracy-iQ is a proven analytics service that has been deployed by content owners, pay TV platforms and ISPs.

Unmatched speed

The monitoring and IP address capture operates with unmatched speed and effectiveness.

Key features

Operates in fixed and mobile broadband environments

Integrates with third party network flow analysis systems

Real-time and post-event analytics

IP address capture for targeted countermeasures

Granular, multi-dimensional piracy consumption reports

Fast deployment in just weeks

Application note: Measuring streaming piracy consumption over ISP networks

Learn how streaming piracy consumption can be accurately measured over internet service provider (ISP) networks so its impact on your business can be assessed.


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