Global Monitoring Platform

Defend your live sport and entertainment as it happens.

Time is of the essence with live streaming. Stopping unauthorised distribution immediately is the only way to prevent the loss of value for you and your distribution partners. Only the Global Monitoring Platform has the capability to track and locate misappropriated live streams in real-time and then take immediate action.

Once an unauthorised stream has been identified, the Global Monitoring Platform uses our proprietary network forensic technology to trace the full network path and enforce your rights within seconds. There is no more effective live protection method and no better way to reassure all your stakeholders.

Service highlights

Enhances value for you and your licensees

Shuts down all illegal streams that affect subscriber growth and revenue.

Detects pirate streams in seconds

Real time video fingerprinting enables an extremely fast detection time from fingerprint to monitoring.

Identifies the underlying video infrastructure

Sophisticated network forensics tools enable us to dive deep beneath the video stream and identify the underlying infrastructure delivering the video.

Shuts down the stream in minutes

By mapping the full path in milliseconds and automatically identifying the pirate’s video infrastructure, we can work out how best to facilitate removal.

Time limited

Only use it and pay for it as you need it.

Key features

Fully automated

Cloud-based customer portal

Detailed network forensics

Customised reports

Post event enforcement for highlights

Easy integration

Your anti-piracy toolkit

All of our services are underpinned by a proprietary set of technologies called Foundation.

Learn more about them here

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