Piracy Shield and overblocking: helping you read between the lines

Tuesday 11th June

Friend MTS pioneered server-blocking technologies nearly a decade ago, and have been the most successful – and safest – provider of blocking services and support for sports leagues and rights owners ever since. Since its inception in Italy earlier this year, the anti-piracy platform Piracy Shield has been courting controversy. Designed to block the unauthorised […]

Choosing a content security provider who adapts to evolving pirate tactics

Monday 18th March

Modern content pirates are smart. They have a deep understanding of the technology used by their victims, and by the cyber security services employed to prevent piracy. They constantly evolve their technology and adapt their processes to ensure that they maintain a steady flow of pirated content that they can redistribute and from which they […]

Secure your content and grow your audience

Monday 22nd January

Using content protection solutions to engage with diverted audiences In the fast-paced world of digital media entertainment, securing content isn’t just about checkboxing. It’s a critical responsibility that everyone – from content owners to broadcasters – needs to prioritise. More than just a safeguard against determined pirates, effective content security is a smart business strategy […]

2023: A Year in Review from Friend MTS

Tuesday 19th December

It’s been a busy year in the world of content protection, and content security has continued to hit the headlines and evolve at breakneck speed. As we fast approach the end of 2023, we round up the top news stories from the Friend MTS team, industry events and the wider industry for you to digest […]

Content piracy trends to watch out for – now and in the future

Monday 27th November

It is a universally accepted fact that piracy will continue to evolve. As rapidly as technology is employed to protect premium content, pirates continuously devise new methods to steal content for profit. This game of cat and mouse to circumvent anti-piracy protection often leads to the rise of tools that become ‘common’ and get used […]

How to ensure your monitoring solutions represent a return on investment

Tuesday 7th November

In the last of our three blogs on monitoring, we consider the big question: how can you ensure your monitoring solution represents a return on investment? Content security is a necessary investment for all content owners, rights holders and broadcasters, but how can you tell if it’s a cost that will not only deliver security […]

Why multi-channel monitoring at scale is key in preventing content fraud

Thursday 12th October

Following on from our recent blog that explored how to use monitoring to stop content fraud, we’re now delving into why it’s important to have real-time, multichannel monitoring in place, and why it’s key that this solution can expand at scale.  Monitoring for stolen content ensures that a business is aware of the scale of […]

UEFA & Friend MTS: Securing the world’s most premium content

Thursday 5th October

Just like that, IBC 2023 is well and truly behind us. After a packed weekend of talks, meetings and networking opportunities, we wanted to give those who couldn’t attend our exclusive Fireside Chat with UEFA a chance to find out about their content security strategy and implementation. Read on for our interview between Chris White, […]

IBC 2023 highlights

Thursday 28th September

Escaping the noise at IBC What drives an organisation’s presence at a tradeshow? It’s a relatively large expense, so what do we, as vendors, want to achieve from our presence at events such as IBC? These are the questions we at Friend MTS ask ourselves when planning these events, and the answers can take us […]

Using expert monitoring to stop content fraud and boost revenue

Friday 28th July

Illegally redistributed content can cost broadcasters and rights owners millions of dollars each year, and disrupting this flow of fraudulent content is key to reducing subscriber churn and increasing revenue. But whilst the content protection industry is in agreement of the value of a robust protection programme, monitoring services and solutions differ vastly. With so […]

PPV and piracy: the right tools for rapid reaction and revenue protection

Monday 24th July

It’s no secret that piracy causes significant revenue losses and impacts subscriptions, leaving rights holders and broadcasters with a host of challenges. A recent report revealed that piracy rates for film and television in US streaming services are expected to rise from 22% in 2022 to 24.5% in 2027. In fact, estimates suggest that streaming […]

How Can OTT Service Providers Benefit From A Security Audit?

Wednesday 21st June

Andrew Pope,  Senior Solutions Architect, Friend MTS It’s undeniable that content fraud is a huge problem within the entertainment industry. With piracy now costing the industry as much as $29 billion each year in the US alone, broadcasters, operators and content owners are working harder than ever before to protect their valuable video content. However, […]

The race against illegal content distribution: speed is of the essence

Thursday 18th May

In today’s digital environment where content fraud techniques emerge and evolve as quickly as F1 cars race around the track, content owners and broadcasters must respond with equal speed and precision to protect their most valuable live sports streams and broadcasts.  Live sports represent an enormous entertainment market, with broadcasters and streaming video providers investing […]

What is the most effective approach to countering live sports content fraud today?

Tuesday 25th April

Today, content fraud is increasingly damaging for content owners, broadcasters and service operators. By the end of 2027, losses due to illegal content distribution are predicted to reach $113bn for streaming video providers serving US consumers. Elsewhere the number of piracy instances has reached equally big proportions: an IPSOS study revealed 72 million piracy instances […]

TelevisaUnivision & Friend MTS: The challenge and opportunity of content security

Thursday 6th April

Last month the 2023 SportsPro OTT Summit USA hosted the movers and shakers of the industry, revealing insight into the largest sports broadcast and streaming market in the world. Chris Gibbs of Friend MTS and Alvaro Jeanneau of TelevisaUnivision caught up to discuss why they think content protection is now more than just a compliance […]

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