Distribution iD

Plug the leaks in your distribution network

Most channel owners have multiple distribution partners in multiple territories across the globe. Whilst this is great for increasing reach and building global audiences, it can open you up to potential security threats that are out of your control.

Distribution iD is a highly efficient and effective service for identifying which downstream distributor’s platform is the source of content leaks.  It uses proprietary technology to quickly detect if a distributor has security issues or leaks that are compromising your content so you can take appropriate action.

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Service highlights

24/7 global monitoring

Continuous monitoring worldwide from systems deployed on several continents, complemented by a 24/7 operations team.  This global infrastructure ensures that content is protected no matter where, when or to whom it is being distributed.

Imperceptible distributor identifier

Robust and unique watermarks are embedded into each distributor feed for identification. The code is invisible to the viewer but can be recovered by our specialist detector software.

Automated extraction

Once you have located the infringing content, the service automatically extracts the watermark for accurate distributor identification.

Live and non-live capability

Suitable for live, non-live, OTT and broadcast distribution networks.

Multiple integration methods

Distribution iD can be easily integrated with your current content workflow as a software library, virtual appliance or physical appliance.

Key features

Cloud-based customer portal

Imperceptible watermarking

Customised reporting

Flexible integration

24/7 monitoring

Multiple platform support

Your anti-piracy toolkit

All of our services are underpinned by a proprietary set of technologies called Foundation.

Learn more about them here

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