Closed IPTV Monitoring

Strikes at the heart of illegal subscription services

Illegal OTT subscription services are popping up all over the globe and they’re very easy to come by. For as little as £250 you can buy an IPTV set-top box fully loaded with major international broadcast channels, popular VOD content and live sports.

Closed IPTV Monitoring is the first automated anti-piracy solution designed to tackle the growing threat from these illegal subscription services. It uses proprietary technology to monitor multiple platforms, identify the source of each illegal channel feed and effectively shut it down. What makes Viper unique is that it can identify illegal channel streams which are hidden behind a paywall, and not usually detectable by normal anti-piracy search methods.

Service highlights

Goes behind the pay wall

Using unique technology and covert purchasing capability, Viper identifies illegal broadcast streams which are hidden behind a paywall and not usually detectable by normal anti-piracy searching methods.

Fully automated with human oversight

Once sources of streams are identified, network forensic technology automatically completes a total path analysis, identifying how best to facilitate removal. All operations supported by our 24/7 global operations centre.

Takes down the source of the whole channel quickly

Sophisticated network forensics technology enables us to dive deep beneath the video stream and identify the underlying infrastructure delivering the whole channel. Taking mere milliseconds to automatically complete a total path analysis, this unique technology gives a true picture of the scale of the threat, and how best to address it.

Detects pirate streams no matter what the platform

Our sophisticated monitoring technology is able to detect an unauthorised channel feed, no matter what device the pirate service is running on. Giving you complete protection for iOS and Android smart phones and tablets, IPTV set top boxes, smart TVs and Android TV devices.

Continuous channel monitoring

Once an illegal channel is taken down, we don’t stop there. We continuously monitor for illegal streams of that channel so we can take it down wherever and whenever it pops up again.

Key features

24/7 global monitoring

Automated forensic analysis

Multi-device monitoring

Covert purchase capability

Cloud-based customer portal

Legal enforcement

Your anti-piracy toolkit

All of our services are underpinned by a proprietary set of technologies called Foundation.

Learn more about them here

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