Case Study: Friend MTS speeds non-stop broadcast security on Platform Equinix®

Boasting a wide global network of best-in-class technology partners, Friend MTS effectively secures live sports content for the most popular sporting events in the world. Equinix is a digital infrastructure company, its platform brings together and interconnects the foundational infrastructure for technology vendors across the globe.

“Friend MTS needed to quickly deploy a secure, scalable and cost-effective solution to move its customers’ content feeds to its security and anti-piracy platform on AWS. With Equinix Fabric and AWS Direct Connect, Friend MTS achieved fast, secure and scalable interconnection to AWS.” AWS Partner Development Manager

Download the case study to find out more about Friend MTS and Equinix partnering for a short-term major sporting competition to deliver a non-stop security service to Friend MTS’s broadcast customer.

Discover the benefits of the solution that include among others:

  • digital infrastructure on demand;
  • outstanding video broadcast performance;
  • cost savings and faster time to market.

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With the current change of attitude to account sharing and casual piracy most recently demonstrated by Netflix, [...]

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