Broadcast iD

Protect your broadcast content

Broadcast video is being captured, digitised and uploaded to the internet by pirates in real-time. Consumer bandwidth can now stream HD quality video and a significant volume of that pirated content flows undetected.

Broadcast iD enables the capture of receiver fingerprints or other on-screen visual identifiers. By working alongside existing conditional access (CA) or other set-top box based visual identifiers, Broadcast iD analyses captured videos to identify the frames on which the ID appears. It then rapidly passes the information to the broadcaster’s security team.

Service highlights

Built for Live

All analysis happens in real time, passing information quickly back to the security / broadcast operations team.

High-Precision Synchronisation

The ability to time sync live video streams against the original broadcast to within 0.5 seconds, reducing the time that an ID needs to be displayed, therefore reducing the impact on consumer experience and maximising security.

Highly Scalable

Building on Linear’s ability to capture from thousands of streams simultaneously, Broadcast iD ensures that all available IDs from all known streams are reported in a timely fashion.

Image Enhancement

Sophisticated image enhancement algorithms clean frames to enhance the legibility of on-screen identifiers, which is increasingly important given the desire to minimise the visual impact of an on-screen identifier, for example by reducing font size or using translucent lettering.

API driven

A comprehensive set of APIs enable direct integration with ID triggering mechanisms if desired, enabling on-demand ID windows to enhance security, and CA / SMS communication for direct shut-down if required.

Key Features

Identification within minutes

Sub-second time synchronisation

Fully automated

Cloud-based customer portal

24/7 operational support

Applicable to satellite, cable and multicast platforms

Your anti-piracy toolkit

All of our services are underpinned by a proprietary set of technologies called Foundation.

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