Real-Time Behavioural Intelligence

ASiD iQ provides streaming businesses deep insight into the characteristics and behaviours of their subscribers, enabling detection of suspicious or fraudulent behaviours in real-time. As an enhancement of the ASiD OTT watermarking services, ASiD iQ monitors  location, service duration, listing and other IP data, and uses proprietary aggregation and analysis tools to identify and flag ‘bad actors’, an indication of potential misuse or appropriation of subscriber accounts.. Through an intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard, ASiD iQ provides business critical intelligence that enables service providers to take proactive anti-piracy countermeasures in real time.


ASiD iQ provides active device monitoring, generating live metrics that allow us to adapt the watermark scheme in real-time to appropriately counter pirate attacks at a time when OTT/streaming services are becoming the focus for piracy

Automated Enforcement Processes

Deep Insights, Rich Analysis

ASiD iQ provides detailed analysis of viewer behaviour, logging and tracking various geolocation, viewing duration and other data points to build and analyse behavioural patterns.

Persona Identification

Identify and flag various ‘bad actor’ personas – account sharers, over-consumers, long viewers, frequent movers and others.

Combat Revenue Leakage

ASiD iQ provides deep intelligence on pirate activity and allows you to identify and address weaknesses in your distribution chain, reducing the revenue losses that piracy inflicts on your business.

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