Blocking is a sophisticated method of stopping piracy in its tracks. Once a client has determined that content is being stolen, blocking can be deployed to make a rapid and considerable impact on the piracy landscape, cutting off access to illegal streams and helping content owners and rights holders secure their revenue.

Friend MTS has spent over twenty years developing world-leading solutions and enforcement methods to offer superior protection for its renowned customers. Our blocking methods halt the ever-rising threat of online piracy, by using a truly cutting-edge approach.

Blocking can be perceived as complex to implement. It is important to have a good understanding of the specific environment, the piracy landscape, the regulatory systems and legislations for a particular region. That’s why Friend MTS works closely with clients to design a tailored blocking solution for them that will ensure piracy is stopped effectively, delivering measurable results, from day one.

Choosing the right type of blocking

The type of blocking to implement will vary depending on several factors including content type, and the location of licensed legitimate transmission. Domain Blocking works to stop access to pirated content at a domain resolution level, whilst Dynamic Delivery Server Blocking restricts access to pirated content at a residential ISP level. Each solution has a raft of benefits that can help secure media and protect revenue, and Friend MTS help clients understand which type of blocking will prove most effective.

Expert support through the process

As well as facilitating blocking orders, we provide a range of services to support blocking such as sophisticated enforcement methods. Services include:

  • Support through the legal process
  • Expert witness testimonial
  • Evidence-gathering and tracking
  • Enforcement and information notice sending
  • ISP escalation services

“The live window is key. Blocking orders are powerful in fighting piracy in real-time.”

Diego Diabro, Senior Anti-Piracy Expert at UEFA

Our blocking services won Anti Piracy solution of the year at the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards 2024.

Contact us today to discover how you can use pioneering blocking technology to stop piracy and redirect viewers to legitimate sources.

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