Video Security Virtual Summit 2021 – Panel Session Video: The Cost of Piracy

As part of the Video Security Summit, John Ward at Friend MTS and Kristina Milbourn at Rogers Communications speak about the urgency and importance of protecting intellectual property for media companies that create, distribute and monetise exclusive content in today’s world of accelerated development of the internet technologies and rising applications.

Learn about the shifts in understanding the piracy problem that have happened in recent years and how these have led to more aggressive strategies that are being implemented by content owners and distributors to deal with content theft, protect their IP, and consequently their revenue.

Watch the video to discover

  • the advantages of a cost-effective robust approach to content security as a part of the content delivery strategy and architecture to protect the investment in creating valuable content;
  • the advantages of working with constantly innovating niche-focused security technology vendors;
  • how partnerships can help achieve results in effectively disabling pirate competitors to preserve broadcasters’ revenue.

(29 min)


Derek Chang, CEO at Friend MTS is interviewed by Colin Dixon at nScreenMedia ahead of the Video Security Summit [...]

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