Video Security Virtual Summit 2021 – Interview Video: 360 Video Security

Derek Chang, CEO at Friend MTS is interviewed by Colin Dixon at nScreenMedia ahead of the Video Security Summit that brings together many industry players to discuss and debate content protection issues. Derek speaks about content security as an imperative for both content owners and distributors in today’s world where content is the core of many companies’ businesses.

Watch the interview to learn about a new approach to content security that more and more companies are now taking. With the move from the traditional to the more digital environment and a quicker pace of applications upgrades, companies use such upgrades as a business opportunity to improve their financial performance. With the immediate effect on subscription-based services and PPV events from deploying new content protection anti-piracy solutions, companies take further steps to preserve the value of their much-sought-after content, secure subscriber numbers, and revenue.

(14 min)

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