SVG Sports OTT Forum 2022 Panel Session Video: Under the Hood of the Live Sports OTT Stack

Sports Video Group (SVG) held its Sports OTT Forum where panelists looked under the hood of the live sports OTT stack. With Jason Dachman moderating the session, John Ward (Friend MTS), Paul Briscoe (TAG V.S.), Eik Ramberg (MediaKind), Grant Zizzo (The Switch), and Paul Finster (Amagi) discussed the most significant technological advancements made since the start of the pandemic and the biggest challenges that currently remain on the technology side of live sports streaming.

As the pandemic started, companies faced great challenges with piracy surging to new heights. The launch of a new generation of ASiD watermarking allowed Friend MTS to hone down on who the bad actor really is and build a whole battery of statistics and granular data around the sophisticated pirate operations aimed at rerouting the revenue of legitimate content owners and providers to criminals’ pockets.

Watch the video to learn:

  • what customers’ requests we have recently seen and how we have been addressing those;
  • what new developments our product team has lined up and why SaaSification is important;
  • what industry predictions we can make and how these can affect the business.

(37 min)

At SportsPro OTT Summit in New York this year, John Ward spoke with WarnerMedia’s Peter Scott and Paramount’s Alec [...]

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