SportsPro OTT Summit 2022 – Panel Session Video: Fighting Sports Content Piracy

At SportsPro OTT Summit in New York this year, John Ward spoke with WarnerMedia’s Peter Scott and Paramount’s Alec Hendry. At the panel session led by Jason Thibeault, SVA, the problem of sports content piracy was discussed along with technologies and techniques that help address and prevent it.

Based on the amount of revenue loss caused by the theft of high-value live sports content, video piracy today is a C-suite level issue. Content protection has to be part of the overall content strategy with the budget allocated to the security and anti-piracy measures. After all, you don’t start dropping weight only once you have had your first heart attack! Anti-piracy measures need to be implemented in a proactive manner.

Watch the video to learn:

  • how pirates steal content and legitimate distributors pay pirates’ distribution costs on top of the revenue losses from stolen IP;
  • what role social media and Reddit in particular play in the whack-a-mole game of piracy disruption;
  • what technologies need to be deployed to prevent content theft effectively (spoiler – this is not just watermarking and content monitoring).

(33 min)

When you insure your house, you don’t just insure select rooms, as pointed out by John Ward (Executive Vice [...]

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