MESA CDSA Cybersecurity Virtual Tour 2021 Presentation Video: Keeping the Media Industry Safe and Socially Responsible

In the OTT world today content is becoming ever more fragmented across various OTT platforms. In the meantime, pirate content aggregators offer one-stop-shop high-quality experience services and greatly contribute to the OTT churn and revenue loss of legitimate service providers. The legitimate content is becoming easier for pirates to steal due to the increase of its availability across different distribution channels such as the growing number of D2C offerings. In addition, the proliferation of content across platforms hosting user-generated content makes it harder to detect all instances of illicit content redistribution.

Watch Andy Wilson’s presentation “Advancements in Content Protection Technologies: Keeping the Media Industry Safe and Socially Responsible” at the MESA CDSA Cybersecurity Tour and learn what services and solutions we at Friend MTS offer to service operators and content owners to proactively mitigate revenue loss stemming from content theft.

Andy talks about

  • 4th generation ASiD which is our enhanced and new watermarking solutions protecting your content along the distribution chain end-to-end across all devices, apps, and clients;
  • ASiD iQ and Piracy iQ intelligence-based solutions that allow our customers to assess the actual impact of piracy on their bottom line, take proactive anti-piracy measures in real-time, and track the effectiveness of these measures.

(17 min)

If you are a service provider delivering valuable content to your audiences, what are the measures that you need to [...]

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