MESA CDSA Content Protection Virtual Summit 2021 Presentation Video: Collaborative Content Protection Strategies for the Complex Global Media Industry

If you are a service provider delivering valuable content to your audiences, what are the measures that you need to take to make sure your content is protected end-to-end and your revenue is secure?

Watch Simon Hanna’s presentation “Collaborative Content Protection Strategies for the Complex Global Media Industry” at the MESA CDSA Content Protection Summit to learn why piracy is a huge problem, what the consequences of large-scale illicit content redistribution are, and why industry collaboration is key in solving piracy problem to protect the content and ultimately revenue and investment of legitimate service providers.

Find out more about content protection measures such as

  • digital rights management (DRM) and what happens if this content protection measure is not in place;
  • subscriber-level watermarking and content monitoring and how pirates steal content that has been securely delivered to the end device if these post-consumer anti-piracy measures are not in place.

In addition, you will discover

  • what watermarking performance characteristics are and why it’s important to choose a high-quality watermarking solution;
  • what the potential content protection gaps and vulnerabilities are and how to make sure your content is fully protected along the content distribution chain end-to-end.

(16 min)

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