Fireside Chat 4 – Beyond Digital Rights Management: Video Watermarking Weighs In

In the continually evolving OTT world, savvy pirates are implementing new and advanced methods to steal valuable content – to the tune of more than $67 billion (USD) in value by 2023. Another report from ABI Research estimates that more than 17% of worldwide video streaming users access content illegally.

We also know that launching an OTT service is costly, resource-intensive, and complicated. Getting it right is critical. Beyond building the video consumption environment and content acquisition, companies must incorporate up-to-date content protection methods. In this “How to Trust Your Player” series, we’ve learned about Digital Rights Management (DRM) from Intertrust Technologies, and about content packaging, license acquisition models – and best practices for implementation within the video player environment from Bitmovin.

Watch the video to find out (18.5 min).

Piracy occurs at all levels of video streaming, from illegal downloads to screen captures. How can an OTT provider [...]

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