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Using content protection solutions to engage with diverted audiences

In the fast-paced world of digital media entertainment, securing content isn’t just about checkboxing. It’s a critical responsibility that everyone – from content owners to broadcasters – needs to prioritise. More than just a safeguard against determined pirates, effective content security is a smart business strategy that can drive impressive revenue growth by engaging diverted audiences – that’s to say, those who watch your content, but pay someone else to do so.

The High Stakes of Digital Content

The digital content industry, which includes music, movies, television, and software, generates billions in revenue annually. The global video streaming market alone is projected to reach an impressive $842.93 billion by 2027. Platforms like Netflix and Spotify continue to invest billions in content, while multi-billion dollar bids for live sports rights become the norm, showcasing the sector’s enormous value. 

However, this potential is marred by the harsh reality of content piracy, which not only infringes on intellectual property rights but also seriously impedes revenue generation for the organisations who are paying to create or license that content. Fraudsters exploit the huge demand for digital content, including live sports events and television series, diverting significant revenue away from rights holders and licensees. The availability and potential vulnerabilities of digital content turn every release into a high-stakes race against time and infringers.

In response to escalating piracy, many live sports pay-per-view providers have recently raised prices, potentially driving consumers away and into the arms of pirate providers. But this negative spiral can be reversed, potentially lowering costs for the consumer while still retaining profits for the broadcaster, and solutions exist to help achieve this.

The Power of Advanced Content Protection

Fortunately, rights holders are far from defenceless in this struggle, thanks to the advent of potent and increasingly sophisticated technological safeguards designed to counteract piracy. These technologies range from expansive monitoring systems to advanced forensic watermarking and offer an entire toolset to secure digital assets.

Among these technologies, certain platforms stand out for their comprehensive approach to content protection. For instance, Friend MTS’ ASiD suite offers an integrated system of advanced detection, watermarking and monitoring solutions. The system excels in rapidly discovering and putting a stop to piracy, ensuring the safety of content across multiple device types and platforms around the globe. By leveraging these state-of-the-art technologies, creators and rights holders can wage an effective battle against content fraud, ensuring the safety and profitability of their digital assets. 

Transforming Fraud into Revenue

As pirate streams and services are shut down thanks to these cutting-edge solutions, the potential for pirate viewers to turn to legitimate sources grows. Anecdotal evidence strongly indicates that a portion of pirate viewers will inevitably come back into the official market, with up to two-thirds of pirate viewers potentially being persuadable. This redirection not only safeguards intellectual property but also paves the way for significant subscriber and viewer growth. This is turn can then lead to a continual reinvestment in content protection to uplift revenue. 

Creating a Unified Front

No matter the size or scale of the piracy threats faced, innovative protection measures aren’t just about keeping the pirates at bay. They’re an opportunity to unlock new avenues of profitability. Implementing an end-to-end content security system enables rights holders and licensees to drive value, transforming a necessary cost into a powerful asset which will help them to profit from a significant, often untapped, revenue opportunity.

Moreover,  through collective investment in comprehensive content protection measures and shared insights into advanced anti-piracy techniques, a unified front can be established against content fraud. Balancing cutting-edge technology, strategic collaboration, and consumer stress points allows the industry to not only protect its future but also unlock new revenue streams. Every moment matters, and each act of piracy thwarted is a step towards increased profitability. The fight is far from easy, but with the right technology and strategies, anti-piracy initiatives can become a powerful driver for revenue growth. By tapping into this potential, rights holders can unlock an untapped goldmine.


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