NAB 2022 Panel Session Video: The Battle Continues – Reducing Content Piracy in the Internet Era

With the current change of attitude to account sharing and casual piracy most recently demonstrated by Netflix, content protection and anti-piracy solutions are becoming ever more crucial for securing service providers’ revenue and brand. Piracy in any shape or form is no longer acceptable to be a part of the business.

As content piracy reaches new heights today, industry experts got together to discuss approaches to disruption and mitigation of this threat. Watch the video to hear from:

  • Alec Henthorne, Solutions Architect, castLabs
  • David Eisenbacher, CEO & Co-Founder, EZDRM
  • Itzik Vager, VP Security Business Development, Synamedia
  • John Ward, Executive Vice President Americas, Friend MTS
  • Vinod Kashyap, Head of Product, Digital Element

In the session, John Ward highlighted the importance of end-to-end proactive content security that needs to be implemented as part of the overall strategy. Such an approach has a direct impact on the bottom line by allowing to keep content and distribution costs lower. Watch the video to learn more!

(41 min)

At the NAB show this year, we teamed up with our long-standing partner ExpressPlay Intertrust to chat about [...]

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