White Paper: Attacks on Subscriber Watermarking Technologies

Review and analysis of known real-world attacks on subscriber watermarking solutions

With few watermarking solutions standing the test of time in large-scale use and under active attack, the white paper highlights the most robust and lasting technology aimed at effectively combating the threat of commercial piracy for content owners, broadcasters, and operators.

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– pirates’ attacks targeted at Bitstream Modification, A/B Variant, and Client-Composited watermarking technologies;

– structural and implementation characteristics of watermarking technologies and vulnerabilities exploited by pirates;

– current advanced attacks instigated by technically sophisticated pirates, including request/response monitoring and collusion attacks;

– key characteristics of an effective mass subscriber-level watermarking technology crucial to remain one step ahead of pirates’ attacks;

– the reasons behind the widest deployment of Client-Composited technology for the protection of premium video content and revenue.

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Image source: frames from (CC) Blender Foundation | mango.blender.org
Image is fictional: subscriber watermark should never contain any private information related to the subscriber. This unique identifier is anonymous to any third party and can only be used by video service provider when piracy is confirmed.

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