Use Case: ASiD OTT for Exclusive Content

Driven by the constantly growing number of players in the OTT market coupled with a certain cap on the monthly video spend consumers have, the increasing subscriber churn means an increasing value of exclusive content for service providers that wish to attract new customers and maintain loyalty. Unrestricted by any licensing agreements, pirate content aggregators have been ardently monetising stolen exclusive content. With the recent shifts in consumer viewing habits, theatrical windows and online premieres, these trends have only become stronger.

With ASiD OTT watermarking and content monitoring, OTT service providers can ensure their exclusive content is fully protected beyond DRM and illegally redistributed content is tracked down and taken down fast across websites, social media platforms, illicit streaming devices, mobile apps, and other distribution channels.

Discover how ASiD forensic watermarking

  • provides smart large-scale, high-precision takedown of illegally redistributed content
  • supports a complex distribution strategy that involves different platforms and networks
  • allows quick implementation in just a few days for a fast and secure service launch

You will also learn how ASiD OTT watermarking was used to secure exclusive online premieres as part of the annual film festivals held by one of Friend MTS’ customers – the British Film Institute (BFI).

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