StreamTV Growth Virtual Summit 2021 Panel Session Video: Defending OTT Growth – Piracy, Password Sharing and Beyond

Watch the “Defending OTT Growth – Piracy, Password Sharing and Beyond” panel session at the StreamTV Growth Virtual Summit 2021 with Brad Parobek talking about the importance of effective proven anti-piracy solutions that allow broadcasters, content owners, and service providers to cut piracy at the source and disrupt multiple reseller pirates.

Learn who pirates are, what motivates them to steal content, and how technology and service providers like Friend MTS and the company’s trusted partners protect this content with real-world agile solutions that help anti-piracy vendors to stay ahead of the pirates that innovate aggressively to break high-value content protection and beat legitimate companies to new markets.

Watch the video to discover

  • why it takes a village, the whole media industry ecosystem, to beat pirates;
  • the importance of both legal means and technology in this fight;
  • a customer-centric approach technology vendors need to take to find an effective solution for any content protection scenario.

(63 min)

Watch Brad Parobek’s presentation “Blocking the Pirate in the Room – Subscribers Aren’t the Only [...]

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