IABM TV in Conversation with Friend MTS

When you insure your house, you don’t just insure select rooms, as pointed out by John Ward (Executive Vice President, Americas at Friend MTS) in this interview with IABM. Content owners and distributors that make considerable financial investments in content creation and licensing need to incorporate well-thought-through content security into their overall content strategy to ensure return on investment is not compromised by content theft.

Watch the interview to learn why we keep seeing how leaked high-profile movies and sports events hemorrhaging millions of dollars in lost revenue make the headlines. Hint: when it comes to security, companies tend to do what they have always done while content piracy is evolving rapidly.

Learn about proven solutions to this persisting problem and how partnering with a content protection anti-piracy specialist like Friend MTS ensures

  • content owners and providers stay a step ahead of any pirate circumvention techniques and the valuable content is safe;
  • the most effective content protection solutions are used based on the assessment of the actual piracy impact on the business;
  • any revenue affecting piracy is stopped thanks to the strategic approach to the piracy problem.

With the consolidation on the horizon when not all services will be able to stay afloat, insuring your valuable content today means securing your future revenues.

(18 min)

Following a successful partnership with the British Film Institute (BFI) to protect exclusive content on BFI Player [...]

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