Friend MTS integrates with Intertrust ExpressPlay DRM for Live Sports

Friend MTS, the Emmy Award winning content and revenue protection specialist, today announced that Intertrust, a leader in trusted distributed computing, has integrated ASiD OTT subscriber-level watermarking with its ExpressPlay DRM client SDK and multi-DRM service to provide an ultra-secure and fast-to-market, Over the Top TV (OTT) video player solution.

“We’re delighted to welcome Friend MTS  as an ExpressPlay partner”, said Tom Carroux, Sales Director, Americas at Intertrust. “By integrating Friend MTS’ ASiD OTT watermarking with ExpressPlay, we’re enabling OTT providers to rapidly launch new services, with the security features required to ensure the delivery is highly robust against piracy. This is an especially strong fit for live sports content as it delivers the highest level of protection against illegal redistribution.”

Friend MTS’ ASiD OTT managed security service incorporates global channel monitoring with fingerprint-based content recognition, and this integrates tightly with watermarking for subscriber identification. This highly automated, client-side service operates with live, pay-per-view and on-demand content, including 4K/UHD and HDR. This monitoring can connect seamlessly with subscriber management systems to stop content theft in minutes.

Intertrust’s ExpressPlay is an integrated media monetization solution for content distributors, network operators and broadcasters. The combined solution includes multi-DRM, card-less conditional access, dynamic ad insertion, and audience data management.

“With streaming piracy seriously impacting the revenues of OTT providers, it is essential to integrate subscriber watermarking as part of a comprehensive security strategy,” said Simon Hanna, Partnerships Director at Friend MTS. “We’re delighted that Intertrust, a leader in content security, has joined the ASiD Watermarking Partner Program.”

Friend MTS, the Emmy Award winning content and revenue protection specialist, today announced the launch of ASiD [...]

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