Find and stop live streaming leaks in real time – Friend MTS proves it’s possible at IBC

Exposé Source is the world’s first streaming video security service that pinpoints live content leaks, instantaneously.

Friend MTS, a video content protection provider, will be demonstrating its new service to enable secure streaming of live video at IBC 2014. As content creators and broadcasters rush to meet the demand for live streaming video to connected devices, new systems are required to ensure that they retain control of where and when their content is consumed. Exposé Source is able to both detect misappropriated live streams on a multitude of platforms and track them back to the source of the leak where they can be stopped – in real time.

On its stand (14B30) at IBC 2014, participants will view a live demonstration of the service and talk to the engineers who created it. “Exposé Source is not a single technology, rather several proprietary components that are combined to create an integrated service that meets the rigorous demands of live video stream security,” said Friend MTS founder and CTO, Jonathan Friend.

As we move into the 4K era and beyond, a single system is required that can work equally as well for live and Video-On-Demand, and most importantly that doesn’t require player, device or CDN edge modification – this is what Exposé Source brings to the industry. It has in-built leak discovery and forensic watermark detection, and enables content owners to tackle the businesses of pirate streaming services in just minutes.

No other streaming security service is able to pinpoint the source of a live streaming video leak and shut it off, removing the risk of live streaming content being misappropriated. For high value events such as live sports, the security that Exposé Source provides widens the opportunity for broadcasters and content owners to safely reach any connected device without risk.

Exposé Source adds proprietary watermarking to Friend MTS’ existing suite of specialised search, network forensics and video fingerprinting technologies, to complete the Exposé family of cloud video content protection and security services.

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Jonathan Friend will also demonstrate Exposé Source at IBC Content Everywhere Hub in Hall 14 – Monday, September 15th at 11.30am CET.

Expose source to debut at connected tv world summit.

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