CDSA Content Protection Summit 2023 Presentation Video – Protecting Live Content: Priorities & Best Practices

Sports rights acquisition has become highly competitive and content security provisions are one of the crucial components that enable to compete and negotiate in this arena successfully. As broadcasters, platform operators and rights holders look at implementing security strategies for live content or enhancing the existing ones, they need to consider the three key points, highlighted by Sam Bahun Vice President, Sales Americas of Friend MTS at the CDSA Content Protection Summit 2023:

  • coordination of various players along the content distribution chain;
  • piracy response plan;
  • expert independent advice.

Coordination is crucial for the whole distribution chain to be securely protected because the whole chain is as strong as its weakest link and pirates will find and exploit vulnerabilities putting the existing monetisation models at risk. And as there’s no silver bullet against piracy threats, a response plan needs to be agreed. This will ensure the most effective solutions and tactics are used and at the same time efficacy KPIs are aligned with the overall business objectives. Of course, focused anti-piracy expertise is needed to work out this plan. Whether it’s from a vendor or internal, the advice needs to be impartial with no stake in selling any particular solution.

Watch the short session video to find out more about these key considerations. Learn why speed, accuracy and scalability are the three key drivers of live sport content protection.

(16 min)

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