ASiD – Advanced Subscriber Identification

4th generation of enhanced watermarking and monitoring solutions for no gap security of your platform

Now a complete suite of watermarking solutions, the 4th Generation of ASiD offers enhanced security across all types of broadcast, managed, and unmanaged OTT devices, apps, and clients regardless of the delivery method trust level.

ASiD Embedded client-generated watermark, client-composited
ASiD OTT Client-composited server-generated watermark, client-composited
ASiD OTT Edge-switched (A/B Variant) server-generated watermark, server-composited

Designed for real-world anti-piracy, ASiD provides content owners, broadcasters, and service operators with solid protection from the large-scale piracy revenue drain.

ASiD is the most widely deployed and actively used subscriber-level watermarking in the world securing tens of millions of set-top boxes and OTT players.

Highly robust and fully compliant with the MovieLabs Specification for Enhanced Content Protection, ASiD solutions secure live and VOD content including the most watched sporting events and Hollywood movies.

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This image is fictional: subscriber watermark should never contain any private information related to the subscriber. This unique identifier is anonymous to any third party and can only be used by video service provider when piracy is confirmed.

Service highlights

Streaming piracy stopped in minutes

Fast illegal content identification, watermark extraction and subscription termination; ideal for live sports.

Piracy landscape transformed in days

ASiD can dramatically change the level of streaming piracy affecting a channel in just a matter of days.

4th generation, ultra-robust & invisible watermarking

Delivers maximum security and optimised viewing with premium sports and entertainment content.

Most widely deployed subscriber watermarking

ASiD has been deployed in tens of millions of STBs and OTT players since it was introduced three years ago

3 years of video analysed every day

Ultra-scalable, global monitoring uses fingerprint based content recognition to scan the internet for streaming piracy.

Key features

Fully automated

Easy implementation

Cloud-based customer portal

Detailed network forensics

Customised reports

24/7 operational support

Application note: Protecting premium live sports from streaming piracy

Learn about the challenges posed by streaming piracy, and how the menace can be taken down with global channel monitoring and subscriber-level watermarking.


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