Foundation. Your anti-piracy toolkit.

All of our services are underpinned by a proprietary set of technologies called Foundation. Foundation contains the tools you need to effectively protect your content, channel or platform from piracy.

FMTS Portal

The operational interface for all our services is accessible via a user friendly web portal. Customers are provided with secure access to the portal allowing a minute by minute real-time view of piracy across all monitored content and is accessible from desktop or mobile devices.

Global monitoring

Our automated systems work tirelessly around the clock to give continuous visibility of the complete online piracy landscape. This automated process is perfectly complemented by our 24/7 operations team who triage complex cases for further investigation

Network forensics

We use proprietary video tracing techniques to identify the source of illegal streaming sites. We automatically analyse network traffic and identify video flows to uncover the infrastructure providers from whom the streaming servers are being leased.


Our proprietary fingerprinting technology analyses the unique properties of video content to produce a digital signature, or fingerprint, that marks that content as unique from any other. These fingerprints are transmitted back to us in real-time and stored in an index of millions of hours of material. When our monitoring processes discover video, this can then be looked up against the index and the appropriate rights determined in just fractions of a second.


Watermarking can make every single copy of your video content traceable back to the individual customer to whom it was originally given. A unique code containing key information, not just about the content itself, but also about the individual recipient, is embedded into a piece of content before distribution. The code is invisible to the viewer but can be recovered by our specialist detector software.


It’s not enough to just identify the source of illegal streaming, you need to takes steps to shut it down. Once we identify a pirate video stream, we can issue take down notices to the pirate site or escalate the issue to the infrastructure provider to shut down the source in minutes. Some services don’t even need to escalate to service providers in this way. They identify the infringing subscriber and deny the subscriber access to the service.


Make informed decisions about your business with a full view of your piracy situation. We offer a comprehensive range of reports that can be customised to suit your business.

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