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Secure your content and grow your audience

Monday 22nd January

Using content protection solutions to engage with diverted audiences In the fast-paced world of digital media entertainment, securing content isn’t just about checkboxing. It’s a critical responsibility that everyone – from content owners to broadcasters – needs to prioritise. More than just a safeguard against determined pirates, effective content security is a smart business strategy […]

How to ensure your monitoring solutions represent a return on investment

Tuesday 7th November

In the last of our three blogs on monitoring, we consider the big question: how can you ensure your monitoring solution represents a return on investment? Content security is a necessary investment for all content owners, rights holders and broadcasters, but how can you tell if it’s a cost that will not only deliver security […]

Why multi-channel monitoring at scale is key in preventing content fraud

Thursday 12th October

Following on from our recent blog that explored how to use monitoring to stop content fraud, we’re now delving into why it’s important to have real-time, multichannel monitoring in place, and why it’s key that this solution can expand at scale.  Monitoring for stolen content ensures that a business is aware of the scale of […]

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