Service Sheet: 4th Generation ASiD

While content owners, broadcasters, and service providers are developing new content and services to satisfy the ever-growing market demand for high-quality video entertainment, the number and quality of pirate IPTV services are growing too. Our end-to-end security solutions are constantly evolving to effectively and proactively disrupt illegal redistribution of premium sports and movies on a large scale and stay ahead of for-profit piracy.

Now with many new features, the 4th Generation of ASiD is a complete suite of advanced forensic watermarking and content monitoring solutions. Along with significant enhancements to our existing proven solutions, ASiD Embedded and ASiD OTT Client-composited, we have added ASiD OTT Edge-switched, a smart server-side A/B variant technique.

The family of ASiD watermarking solutions works seamlessly with Friend MTS’ global content monitoring to form the market’s leading end-to-end retransmission anti-piracy service.

Download the service sheet to learn more about:

  • new features and enhancements;
  • new A/B variant watermarking solution;
  • which solution to select.

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Image source: frames from (CC) Blender Foundation |
This image is fictional: subscriber watermark should never contain any private information related to the subscriber. This unique identifier is anonymous to any third party and can only be used by video service provider when piracy is confirmed.

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