Premier League Uses Linear as Key Defender


With 380 live games a season and millions of pounds with of content rights to protect, the English Premier League (EPL) is always innovating and evolving in its approach to piracy. Last year alone EPL blocked 45,000 illegal streams.


To identify and prevent pirate steams originating from EPL’s pay TV licensees’ OTT and TV Everywhere services across the globe.


In September 2015, EPL engaged with friend MTS to ramp up the protection of its live broadcasts. Using our global internet monitoring system, and unique network forensics capability we identify where security weaknesses are being exploited, and notify the Premier League so they can take action. Together we are making it harder for licensed services to become sources for piracy.


Since September have identified XX licensee leaks preventing cascading cases of ‘pirates pirating pirates’, which has degraded the quality of illegitimate services and reduced the economic threat to rights holders [I need to confirm this number]

Protecting the distribution of our live games across all video platforms is paramount to us and our broadcast partners. By working with Friend MTS we will be able to identify any platform leaks, thereby ensuring that they can be fixed quickly.” Kevin Plumb, Head of Legal Services for The Premier League

Friend MTS uses its global monitoring system and unique forensics capability to identify security weaknesses.

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