International Sports Convention 2022 Masterclass Video: Effective Protection for Premium Live Sports – on a Global Scale

How big is premium sports piracy today? How much money is being lost to pirates? What can be done to counter content theft? Sports content owners and rights holders have been asking these and other burning questions that Simon Hanna, Regional Vice President for the EMEA region addressed in the recent masterclass at the International Sports Convention in London.

With 74% of the viewers that watch pirated content willing to switch to legal options, content protection and anti-piracy have been bringing measurable financial results to the companies that have implemented these technologies. The effective disruption of illicit services means pirate consumers do get frustrated to the point they give up and switch to legitimate providers preferring more reliable and safe albeit more expensive offerings.

Watch the masterclass recording to learn:

  • what the most prevalent types of sports piracy there are in different regions;
  • what three main steps need to be taken to combat sports content theft;
  • what the most effective anti-piracy tools and services are.

With three takeaways that Simon leaves the audience with, the session brought lots of insights that no doubt have provided not only food for thought but more importantly concrete steps to start implementing solutions that help owners and rights holders save their revenue from the premium sports content.

Key takeaways:

  • anti-piracy services are a key component of a comprehensive end-to-end approach to content security;
  • there are different roles, responsibilities and motivations throughout the ecosystem;
  • anti-piracy is a disruption game – and can deliver real commercial benefit.

(28 min)

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