IABM BaM Live 2021 – Friend MTS and Akamai Panel Session Video: A Global Piracy Discussion

Friend MTS’ Simon Hanna and Ian Munford at Akamai discuss the global piracy issue in this IABM BaM Live session to draw a conclusion on the importance of industry partnerships and working together against the piracy threat.

Watch the video to learn

  • how viewers’ consumption patterns have changed as a result of the pandemic and what it means for the D2C content owners in terms of content security;
  • why content protection is crucial today with investment into content at its highest point ever and with the content as accessible as ever digitally;
  • what steps D2C content owners need to take to ensure their valuable content is protected and the revenue it generates is not impacted by piracy.

The conversation throws some light on the burning question of definable ROI on the anti-piracy content protection solutions and how companies like Friend MTS and Akamai help their clients to uncover weaknesses that businesses might have, establish the impact of piracy and what easy-to-implement cost-effective anti-piracy measures would make sense to reduce or eliminate this impact on the bottom line.

In addition, you will discover more about

  • pirate networks and how they operate today to undermine the very basis of the industry that is licensing whether it’s territorial or time-based exclusivity;
  • why it’s a concerted effort the industry needs to take to avoid revenue losses due to piracy for all parties;
  • what companies like Friend MTS and Akamai do to effectively disrupt and disable content theft for their renowned clients.

(57 min)

In the OTT world today content is becoming ever more fragmented across various OTT platforms. In the meantime, [...]

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