Deal extension with United Media continues protection for premium sports

Friend MTS, the content and revenue protection specialist, today announced a deal extension with United Media, proprietor of the most popular cable channels in Southeast Europe, to continue to provide anti-piracy protection for its premium sports content. United Media is part of United Group, the leading telecommunications and media platform in Southeast Europe which operates in all six countries of former Yugoslavia.

“Our sports channels, including Sport Klub 1, Sport Klub 2, Sport Klub 3, Sport Klub 4 and Sport Klub HD, are all protected with Friend MTS’ automated content monitoring and enforcements services, along with our key sporting events on Nova S, Nova M, Nova BH and Nova TV,” said Duško Martić, Head of Content Security & DPO at United Media.

Martić added, “United Media is very proactive with respect to stopping content theft, and our internal security team operates closely with Friend MTS to protect our assets, which include many high-profile sporting events like the UEFA games.”

The channels and events are protected by Friend MTS’ Global Monitoring Platform, which uses fingerprint-based content recognition to identify streaming piracy in just a few seconds. Take down services are triggered automatically to speed action against illegal redistribution.

“With the prolific growth in streaming piracy clearly impacting revenues and subscribers in the entertainment industry, it’s essential for content theft to be prioritised with concerted action taken by content owners, broadcasters and operators,” said Simon Hanna, Regional Vice President EMEA at Friend MTS. “Streaming piracy can be addressed effectively when it is tackled rigorously by operations and technical teams working closely together.”

Friend MTS, the content and revenue protection specialist, will highlight its new Piracy iQ service for measuring [...]

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