castLabs joins ASiD Watermarking Partner Program to provide high security players

Friend MTS, the content and revenue protection specialist, has announced that castLabs, a global pioneer in premium digital video technology, has joined the ASiD Watermarking Partner Program to better protect premium content from streaming piracy on OTT connected devices.

“Integrating Friend MTS’ ASiD subscriber watermarking within our PRESTOplay video player SDKs, alongside our DRMtoday DRM licensing service and existing content protection functionality, bolsters our protected playback offer for our customers”, said Dr Susanne Guth-Orlowski, VP Business Development & Sales at castLabs. “This meets the needs of many premium content providers that are mandating subscriber level watermarking, especially for premium live services.”

Friend MTS’ ASiD service incorporates global channel monitoring with fingerprint-based content recognition, and this integrates tightly with watermarking for subscriber identification. This highly automated, client-side service is easily deployed, and is ideal for broadcast and OTT applications.

Allied with the concurrent stream-limiting (CSL) functionality of castLabs’ DRMtoday which provides rapid stream termination, the ASiD service can stop streaming piracy within minutes to secure live channels, PPV events and on-demand assets.

“It’s great to see castLabs join other OTT player providers in the ASiD Watermarking Partner Program”, said Simon Hanna, Partnerships Director at Friend MTS. “We’ll continue to expand this program during 2018, and will be partnering with set-top box SoC suppliers, middleware vendors, application developers and system integrators.”

Please join our live webinar on May 3 2018 to learn about protecting OTT premium content from streaming piracy. [...]

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