Attacks on Subscriber Watermarking Technologies – White Paper Quick Facts

With traditional content protection measures like conditional access (CA) and digital rights management (DRM) systems, valuable premium content is safeguarded from theft only until the point of its consumption.

As the next level of content protection aimed at securing premium sports and entertainment content from the point of its consumption, subscriber watermarking is a powerful solution in the anti-piracy toolkit, allowing for pirated streams to be revoked at the source and enabling legitimate content owners and distributors to fully control where their content and revenue flow.

Why is Client-Composited watermarking the most widely used type of technology today? There are different types of watermarking solutions as well as some common misconceptions regarding these technologies. We are looking at the facts to debunk some common myths.

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Image source: frames from (CC) Blender Foundation |
Image is fictional: subscriber watermark should never contain any private information related to the subscriber. This unique identifier is anonymous to any third party and can only be used by video service provider when piracy is confirmed.

Watch this NAB Express presentation by Alan Ogilvie (Lead Product Manager, Friend MTS) to learn why content owners [...]

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