Stop piracy, boost revenue in 3 steps

Dynamic, real-time blocking of access to pirated content

To halt the ever-rising threat of online piracy, a truly cutting-edge approach is essential. That’s why the Friend MTS team pioneered Dynamic Server Blocking. Going beyond simple domain blocking, our real-time blocking solutions do not require frequent and costly re-applications for court orders and have a measurable impact on your bottom line – blocking access to pirate streams means more people will pay for legitimately sourced content.

To keep your content safe and boost your revenue with the most cost-effective and hassle-free protection available, follow these three simple steps.

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Step 1. Understand how dynamic server blocking is different, and why it can impact your business

Friend MTS’ Dynamic Server Blocking provides significant benefits over domain blocking, both technically and economically. It can boost revenues as it is hugely more effective at preventing access to illicit content – thereby pushing audiences to legal sources. It also cuts down on operational costs by reducing the need for constant re-application to update domain-blocking orders when the initial order is weakened.

Dynamic Server Blocking is a network-level enforcement mechanism that focuses on video delivery servers, not the front-end websites. Access to illicit IPs can be restricted in real-time, as and when they are observed, making it extremely challenging for pirates to circumvent even if new IP addresses are created or switched mid-event. This approach significantly diminishes the availability of illicit streams regionally. When viewers face this level of restricted access, they tend to turn to legitimate alternatives. It is this level of effectiveness that not only positions Server Blocking as cost-effective but also elevates it to a potential revenue-generating asset.

Step 2. Choose a trusted partner to work with

Friend MTS team pioneered Dynamic Real-Time Delivery Server Blocking back in 2017 to protect live sports for one of the world’s most popular leagues. This method of blocking access to illegal content in real time has since been implemented by sports leagues, broadcasters and pay-TV operators around the world to great success, blocking access to thousands of pirate servers per live event.

Our experts have over twenty years of experience of helping customers including UEFA and the Premier League transform content protection costs into new revenue streams. As part of the implementation, we can also provide help with the legal aspects of obtaining and operating blocking orders.

Step 3. Implement real-time blocking and drastically reduce piracy

Our blocking solutions offer unique content protection that will:

  • Work at network level, not website level
  • Utilise local jurisdiction or regulations to ensure internet service providers (ISPs) block access to servers for pirate IPs that provide access to unlicensed content
  • Maintain the value of the content for owners and rights holders without the need to reapply for court permission each time pirates spawn a new domain
  • Prove the most effective method of anti-piracy enforcement used today as seen by the leading sports leagues and their broadcasting partners

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