Service Sheet: ASiD – Advanced Subscriber Identification

In terms of significant financial damages for legitimate content owners and distributors, commercial piracy presents a very real threat. This illegal activity is becoming ever more sophisticated and better organised. Complex pirate ecosystems that comprise a whole host of different illegal players supporting and profiting from illegitimate redistribution of premium content are known to use ordinary service subscriptions offered by legitimate content owners and providers as a source of video content.

With the ASiD watermarking service, stolen video assets are rapidly tracked down across multiple redistribution channels and traced back to the accounts used by bad actors. ASiD allows to rapidly plug premium video content leaks at the source providing solid protection from the large-scale piracy revenue drain downstream.

Download the service sheet and learn why ASiD

  • is the most widely deployed type of subscriber level watermarking in the world today;
  • has remained secure in its large-scale use and under active real world attack from content thieves;
  • has been trusted by the biggest brands in the industry to effectively protect their premium content and revenue.

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Image source: frames from (CC) Blender Foundation |
Image is fictional: subscriber watermark should never contain any private information related to the subscriber. This unique identifier is anonymous to any third party and can only be used by video service provider when piracy is confirmed.

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