The future of VOD security today

OTT provides a real opportunity for pay-TV operators to capitalize on growing convergence by increasing distribution, introducing new revenue streams and increasing customer satisfaction. Consumers expect to access their subscription services on a wide range of devices. At the same time you need to protect that service across all of these devices and not give it away for free.

VOD iD is a unique end to end service that locates the source of a leak and terminates the original stream, all in real time. By combining forensic subscriber identification technology with global monitoring, the system can protect any adaptive streamed video from unauthorised redistribution, providing complete protection.

Service highlights

Imperceptible Subscriber Identifier

Robust and unique session identifiers (watermarks) are embedded into each individual stream delivered.

Enhanced Access Security

Works to protect against VPN / relay video access, and makes the video more difficult to capture.

Highly Scalable

Capacity to handle millions of simultaneous viewers with no increase in processing overhead. 1 million concurrent viewers has a detection and termination time of as little as 2 minutes.

Intelligent System

Through integration between the embedding and detection processes the service identifies attack vectors or attempts to circumvent the system, and learns, reacts and adapts to protect its integrity and continue to operate, all in real time in a live environment.

Automatic Termination

With global monitoring built in, VOD iD has everything that is required to find, check and terminate illegal redistribution of content with 100% forensic accuracy.

Key features

Works with all CDNs

Supports all adaptive streaming protocols

Live and non-live / VOD

Robust to scaling and compression

Minimal effect on bandwidth requirement

Works on 4K and beyond

Fully automated

Cloud-based customer portal

Monitoring built-in

Your anti-piracy toolkit

All of our services are underpinned by a proprietary set of technologies called Foundation.

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