What is Friend MTS?

  • Friend MTS is a leading global provider of platform, channel and content protection services. From fingerprinting and watermarking to advanced subscriber identification, Friend MTS offers a full suite of managed services to help Pay-TV operators, broadcasters and rights holders control where their video content flows.
  • It delivers the most actively deployed live watermarking solution in the world.
  • It is the world’s leading provider of platform, channel and content protection services.
  • It provides digital content security and automated monitoring software solutions to service providers delivering live and playback content to connected consumers whether distributed by means of traditional set-top-box or newer IP delivery / over-the-top (OTT) methods.
  • It offers a proprietary portfolio of fingerprinting and watermarking technologies with a unique platform for service providers to gain new insights into their audience, increase their revenues through digital distribution initiatives and protect the value of their creative assets.
  • Friend MTS provides bespoke technology solutions for media and entertainment industries. The company’s content and media monitoring products and services monitor various sources on the internet, from peer-to-peer networks to discussion forums and newsgroups to locate infringing sources of non-live content.
  • The company provides customised solutions via its Professional Services team, who deliver enforcement and threat management programmes and network security consultancy enabling clients to strengthen their border protection by highlighting potential security holes within their corporate network infrastructure.
  • The company was founded in 2000 and has its global head office is in Birmingham, UK, offices in London and New York and administration representation in Chennai, India and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

What does Friend MTS do?

  • Friend MTS provides enhanced technology-as-a-service that significantly improves the security of valuable intellectual property in the media industry.
  • It provides ever evolving, robust software solutions for digital content security and monitoring through its fingerprinting and watermarking technologies, with customers including some of the world’s largest broadcasters and content owners in sport, TV, music and film; as well as independent service providers and major internet companies. It operates in three key areas:

1. Platform Protection

  • Advanced protection for multi-platform pay-tv service
  • Customers demand that operators make content available on all devices, but streaming broadcast video poses new security risks that threaten highly profitable business models.
  • Friend MTS’ platform protection services are specifically designed to quickly, accurately and effectively trace live streaming leaks back to the source so the infringing subscriber is identified and their connection terminated immediately.

2. Channel Protection

  • Piracy has never been more accessible, with unauthorised streams of entire live channel feeds now making their way into living rooms and onto mobile devices around the world via illegal ‘pay-TV’ offers.
  • Friend MTS’ channel protection services are designed to protect broadcasters and channel owners against the unauthorised retransmission of entire channel feeds. Its services safeguard any number of channels from being illegally streamed to web sites, IPTV platforms and apps across a variety of connected platforms.

3. Content Protection

  • Global protection for live events and VOD (video on demand).
  • Major live sporting events and popular entertainment content provide a huge incentive for pirates across the globe to set up illegal streaming sites for their own gain.
  • Friend MTS’ content protection services enable studios, sports leagues and other content owners to secure their live and VOD content against illegal retransmission.  The company works with the world’s largest content owners and has honed its technology to offer the most effective live and non-live protection services on the market today.

What is the history of Friend MTS?

Jonathan Friend founded Friend Media Technology Systems, now known as Friend MTS, to provide robust software solutions for digital content security and monitoring. Since then, the company has developed and established a comprehensive suite of security services, powered by a unique set of proprietary technologies, and today works with some of the world’s leading, Pay TV providers and content producers, including Sky, beIN, NBC, BT Sport, Fox and, The Premier League and WWE.

Why do content producers choose Friend MTS?

  • The company ensures the platform, channel or content is secure.
  • Its experts work to identify potential security threats and shut them down.
  • Simply identifying that content is being streamed illegally does not necessarily give the ability to act. Pirates are becoming ever-more sophisticated, using advanced methods to obscure everything from where their web sites are hosted to the infrastructure that they’re using for video delivery.
  • Friend MTS’ technology-led services are designed to address this by swiftly and accurately identifying the full delivery path of content, so action can be taken.

What are Friend MTS’ USPs?

  • Digital watermarking – Friend MTS’ unique watermarking technology AsiD uses a sophisticated but lightweight watermarking technology which identifies the originating subscriber accounts, and enables accounts to be and shut down within just minutes.
  • Friend MTS delivers the most actively deployed live watermarking solution in the world.
  • It provides anti-piracy solutions that can fit both broadcast and OTT. ASiD is a robust platform protection technology that can wipe out OTT and broadcast piracy 100% of the time.
  • Its video fingerprint technology is one of the most widely used video recognition technologies in the world.
  • World-leading platform security.
  • It is genuinely a pioneer in the creation and provision of video protection services, currently used and relied upon by many of the world’s Pay-TV operators, broadcasters and rights holders.
  • Fingerprinting technology that, in 2014, it donated to the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children (ICMEC) to assist in their work of both aiding the rescue of victims of child abuse worldwide, and combating the trade in and dissemination of child abuse material (child pornography) on the internet.  Read more here.

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